BikeAtor is a program to show GPS-informations in different ways. It help the user to find his way and gather statistics about his doing. Main goal of BikeAtor is to show maps of different sources like OpenStreetMap. All downloaded images can be used offline. So there is no need to be online during navigation.

BikeAtor could be used during Hiking, Biking or Geocaching. You can also use it to log your Trips and to help OpenStreetMap.

BikeAtor gathers GPS-Data. So it could be possible that your Position will be requested by someone else. If you log your Tracks or send your share your Position, someone else can get this data. Even deleted Files could be restored. If you doesn't like this, please remove BikeAtor.

Cause BikeAtor uses the Internet, there is a possibility that sensible Data could be send to the Internet! There could also be costs for using the Internet!

Also see Disclaimer for further Informations.

So enjoy this Software

Andreas Wiener


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